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Bill - 2004-02-04 22:55:10
A prick of porcupines?
Gary - 2004-02-05 22:42:28
I prefer "buttload", as in: "Hey Grandma, look over there! There's a buttload of porcupines coming your way!"
Bill - 2004-02-05 23:15:39
Yeah - buttload works. I heard a joke relating to groups of things awhile ago... If it is a pride of lions, a murder of crow, a pack of... well, whatever... If that is what you call all of those, what do you call a group of lesbians?
Gravis Zero - 2004-02-06 02:25:19
i love the new layout! only suggestions is to tone down the pink.... toooooo piiink. braaaiiiinnnss.
Beth - 2004-02-06 03:26:02
too much pink? it's not so much pink..as muave....muave. i'll think about it thouogh :) how you doing ? :)
Brian - 2004-02-06 12:37:49
I find that people can't tell the difference between orange and pink...or at least different than what I see with my eyes. Case in point, my friend in junior high with a hot pink shirt and backpack thought he was wearing orange. Was I right to laugh at him? Yes.

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