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Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-31 02:24:03
I have to say that is the best title you ever came up with.lol it fits so perfectly... I am ok with people knowing I talk with a valley-girl accent. I learned to accept that fact a long time ago, we no longer have to hide it ...to make a point clear the pot hole did come out from nowhere it was on my side of the road. Yea I didn't know whether to thank that guy for helping us or punch the guy for his comments and actions towards Beth...I never had that many differnt emotions towards one person at one instance in time...at the end all I could do was laugh at what just occured I hope you get a good night sleep Beth, and I promise tommorrow will be better
Theresa - 2004-01-31 15:25:03
that's cool about seeing the first lady. I want to go see that play, I've heard it's good. sorry to hear about the flat tire incident though!
Beth - 2004-01-31 21:17:21
Oh BY THE WAY, I went back to the DMV today and waited two whole friggin hours in line to take the driving test. and I failed it. yeah ... I missed ONE question, so they fail you. SO LAME. So now since my license expires TODAY. I can't drive until I take the test again on Monday. grrrr
Bill - 2004-02-02 00:56:44
Christ, you had one hell of a bad day. Sorry to hear about everything that happened. It sounds like between your friends and your family, you have a good group of people to be with though. I hope everything works out. And hey - I like the new look!
Mom - 2004-02-02 19:00:52
Love the new look!!!!! Josh is an awesome friend! Can we adopt him? I also think YOU are a very caring person, Chickie Legs, and a true friend! I'm proud to be your mom.
Amy - 2004-02-03 13:44:14
I, too, am proud of you!! You are way too hard on yourself sometimes. However, didn't I warn you about that "trick" question? I can't believe you got the one question, that I warned you about, wrong. hahahaha.
Beth - 2004-02-03 18:38:31
I passed my driver's test todya biotch! ha! And the picture isn't the worst thing ever either . so maybe things are looking up.... yarr.

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