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Laura - 2004-01-25 16:33:59
*pulls up a chair to savor these last few moments...*
Bill - 2004-01-27 02:49:24
Your diary already looks like it is a darker blue already... are you trying to do the change gradually?
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-01-27 04:09:15
shhhh....everyone be quiet.. I think it is turning into a butterfly...we are witnessing the true power of life as we know it...don't scare it off...we are about to see something truly magicial
Brian - 2004-01-27 12:24:37
I think Bill is just looking at the computer screen while wearing sunglasses. Prove me wrong!
Beth - 2004-01-27 13:09:52
no, actually Josh showed me how to make it all the same color. Not sure if you remember, but there was a lighter blue and the pic of me and the title was the darker blue. So I made the whole page darker..but now you can't see the words.. hmmm anyway the new layout will be different anyway.
beth - 2004-01-27 13:18:57
there, I chaged the text color...I hope that's better!
Brian - 2004-01-27 16:22:46
*stubbornly decides that he wasn't proven wrong*
Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-27 23:10:13
*types and his keyboard, and wonders what is up with the new craze to put your thoughts and actions between astricks*
Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-27 23:11:09
*types and his keyboard, and wonders what is up with the new craze to put your thoughts and actions between astericks*
Beth - 2004-01-27 23:24:07
*wonders why Josh decided to type that twice*....
Brian - 2004-01-28 00:08:46
*has been doing things this way since 1996, and ain't about to change his ways*
Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-28 00:53:26
*^$ Because I misspelled 'astericks' and thought I could cancel the comment before it got saved... I guess it was half a success... Sorry Brian if I felt I was picking on you, I just been noticing this trend alot lately... I am trying to start my own trend and include exra two periods at the end of the sentences... I think this forces people to slow down their reading, thus less heart attacks *^$
Gravis Zero - 2004-01-28 21:26:32
whats all this talk about asterisks? us coders just call it "star" (*) oh and never forget "wavey" (~)
Beth - 2004-01-28 21:39:14
I know, right? everytime someone says 'whatever ~ is really called) I end up just typing what they said. and they are like 'no it's the ~ symbol' and I'm like 'dude just say the wavey symbol!" ??
bill - 2004-01-29 01:47:25
*^& Admiring the sheer blueness of Beth's site (while it lasts) while I also gloat about being right about the darker blue color.*^&

Hey - do you know where I have taken this quote from? (Please forgive me - I had to alter it a bit to meet my needs...) "Don't you see what genetically enhanced blue web sites like this are capable of? You get on the computer and see that it is blue. But even after you notice the blueness, the site turns more blue. It keeps getting bluer and bluer. Can you imagine it? What it would look like for it to be way, way too blue? I'll tell you something: you don't want to know, and I don't know."
Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-29 06:59:07
ummm... Blue Clues?
Bill - 2004-01-29 10:41:21
Although a great guess - going with something blue and all - you are incorrect. Something tells me Beth may get it though, so I am not spillin' the beans yet. (Spillin' the beans? What is wrong with me? On second thought, please do not answer that.)
beth - 2004-01-29 14:57:00
south park... towelie!
Bill - 2004-01-29 18:15:55

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