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Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-24 04:32:53
JB's title review...This entry gets a 7 out of 6 grams of fat if you went to Subway instead of McDonalds.....On the down side McDonalds now makes their chicken McNuggets with chicken meat!!! If you ask me I rather have their old chicken McNuggets when they just used to use gizzards.... now that stuff was mmm mmm good
Gravis Zero - 2004-01-24 23:15:09
no no no! stay away from that place.... bk is way better though i generally stay away from fast food... erm... demon kitty rules! :D
Scott - 2004-01-30 16:58:41
You guys see this yet? http://racing.kcgeek.net/albums/album42/ad_mcdonalds.jpg "I live my life one 1/4 pounder at a time."
Beth - 2004-01-31 21:26:38
LOL wow that is so pathetic. They are trying to hard. Do any of you ever really eat there? I mean I don't eat fast food anyway. But if I do, it's definitely wendy's.

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