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Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-02 23:28:17
Hey Beth, I was going to reply with "sorry beth, that sucks" but I am sure you have something like that from everyone so I won't, which I guess I already did. Instead I would like to thank you for making me laugh while reading your diary. You have a gift of making something seem bad and putting a funny spin on it, to entertain your readers...To tell you the truth, one of those people came to my door a month ago and my dad bought one of those VIP cards......to tell you the truth I made that up to be funny, we have no such VIP card. but I have a chantilly music booster card from 1998, does that count?
Gravis Zero - 2004-01-03 04:33:03
oooohhhh.... I feel bad for you for having to go through that. i think everyone should come prepared to new situations witha small can of hairspray and a lighter. Really, there are some times when people need to be set on fire. Sweet portable blowtorch. Personally, I would have ditched after the first 15min. I guess that is because I have no problems with possibly offending someone. It's one of those social taboo things. I think they are silly so I break them all. :)
Mom - 2004-01-03 12:57:41
My "per" Beffie. had to get up in the "merning" and looked sooo beautiful in her professional business suit with shoes clearly not intended for door to door rip offs! I give you alot of credit for sticking it out as long as you did. CRC should be run out of town for not being forthcoming in what they intended you to do! I wouldn't be surprised if what they do is somehow illegal... like, maybe it's a pryamid scheme setup. If it's a reputable company, they would have told you up front!!! To top it off, they didn't even pay you for your time. I guess you leaened a lesson and will be more questioning in your next interview. Something wonderful is waiting for you! You are so smart and so very talented AND you don't need to use dumb swear words to express yourself...now where's that soap!?
bethie - 2004-01-05 01:03:45
alright alright mom...SIMMA DOWN NAAHH
Dani - 2004-01-05 17:27:24
What a wonderful day! Wow, wouldn't you love to spend the rest of your lifetime walking around all day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! What a joke?!! They didn't explain this to you? And I bet this chick is on pills or something. She would have to be to be so chipper. And I'm guessing she's probably a morning person, which means I don't like her already. Toodles, Dani.
Bill - 2004-01-06 01:09:29
It really sounds cliché, (especially since Joshua has already pointed it out) but I will say it anyway... 'Christ, that day really must have sucked...' Nice reference to Fargo and the wood chipper - funny stuff... It's cool that you can think of it as a learning experience. Some people never learn. I had a similar experience at a job interview once... Really, how was I supposed to know what a 'fluffer' was? They just said I would be in show business...

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