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Joshua Bennett - 2004-01-01 06:10:32
isn't the fact you making a resolution of 'not making a resolution' fails your resolution of 'not making a resolution' ? So I guess you fell into the same trap that you said everyone does 'nobody ever does their resolutions and feel guilty about it'.. so you've got to ask yourself a question, Do I feel guilty? Well do ya, bethie?.....Anyways Bethie, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you reach all your goals,dreams and desires this new year...
Brian - 2004-01-01 12:54:52
Wow...it's 2004, I can't believe I'm 26 already... It's my birthday today, so I have special rights to say that. Happy New Year, Beth! stick it to The Man! (I think "Stick it to The Man" should be added to any and all holiday greetings)
Bethie - 2004-01-01 17:15:52
Hey happy birthday Brian!! 26 eh? I will be 25 on Jan 19th..so I'll feel ya :) Stick it to the man....helllls yeah

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