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Laura - 2003-12-28 16:56:47
Almost s**t when I read about the socks. The mother-in-law-to-be sent me purple slipper socks with snowflake fringe on the cuffs. Swear. to. God.
beth - 2003-12-28 17:51:45
haha that's awesome.
Daniel - 2003-12-28 19:02:48
yeah, wtf?! same thing happend to me, kinda. as we all know, i the dashing gent in all black, so wtf compells my mother to purchase me colored dress shirts?! i was like "heeey, [sudden realization] i got 3 dress shirts, two of them arent black. ill wear one of them." that is what i call revenge... its on tape too. ^^
Brian - 2003-12-29 00:05:11
My favourite Christmas moment this year was at my wife's family Christmas party. All the little kids there were getting gifts from their aunts and Grandmother (which always means crappy gifts). This pair of four year old cousins each got a box of candy, one marshmellow, the other chocolate. The marshmellow one didn't like his candy, so he just stuck his hand into his cousin's box, and started eating his chocolate. When the other one asked what he was doing, he simply responded, "You're sharing with me." And that's the Spirit Of Christmas.
Joshua Bennett - 2003-12-29 00:16:07
a couple weeks before christmas I bought 1,0000 shares of all the popular sock companies. Lets just say that I have made a profit of 300% by christmas morning. I was a happy guy, what I failed to do is sell my shares before the 'Great Return Day' right after christmas. my shares dropped like a man without a parachute jumping from a plane,when it dropped I got hit hard and now I am homeless...merry christmas to me...next time think twice before you make your returns..... On a side note, I might be making by money back becouse I just got a loan and used all my money I have left and bought 10,000 shares of court TV. With Kobe and Micheal Jackson cases coming up, I will be making a killing. lets just hope it is like the O.J. Trial....fingers crossed.....hmmm sorry this should have been in my own diary....sorry beth. I guess I just wanted to tell someone my sad sad sock story...I am now on protest and haven't wore socks in the past 4 days and counting...who is with me? everyone join the sock protest. maybe by next christmas people won't buy socks becouse they will be like "what are those" acutally I designed a shoe with built in socks.. just slide your foot in and your good to go...they come out next christmas, pre-order yours today
Linda - 2003-12-29 00:20:59
Oops, I did it again.
Joshua Bennett - 2003-12-29 16:03:01
"Josh's Diary Entry Title Heading Review" I give this Entry's Title a 9... the review is on a scale of weights.... it was clever, and funny...:) but nothing compares to the pinball wizard reference...because well I love that song...

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