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James "Uni penis" Johnson - 2003-12-22 10:16:49
well, the tittle made mention of the all knowing all powerful 'boob' word, so I (being a man) could not resist reading it. It made me laugh, it made me cry (mostly because there were no pictures attached) and it made me want a uniboob of my own. I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow morning.
Joshua - 2003-12-23 06:33:25
I love that! song! I heard you humming it while I was pouring tea for the guests as they were watching Patch run circles around me...I think we just found Fish Stick's first hit single...the album will be called "a single fish stick" and only contain that song...We should start on the music video right away :) (favorite part of diary : "...to the tune of 'uni-Boob'..." )
Bill - 2003-12-23 19:55:44
Whilst reading your gigantor entry, I was flabbergasted by one thing... When a guy sees the prefix 'uni' in front of the word boob, no doubt, excitement will follow (I mean, c'mon, we are talking about guys here). However, I can't help but think that as a slight feeling of disdain will roll over him as well. (yes, both at the same time.)

Focus group research proves that whilst guys love anything boob-related, when they hear that only one boob is involved, they will no doubt be a little disappointed. Please read the following quote as proof...

"the only thing a guy likes more than a boob is two boobs" - some guy in a focus group, 2003.

With this in mind, perhaps a guy with limited dexterity would, in fact, prefer the uni-boob. It would be much easier for him to... oh nevermind

So anyway, in conclusion this rambling may not make very much sense, but I did manage to use all of your vocabulary words in my response. (I even used whilst twice.) Does that alone give me a passing grade?
Beth - 2003-12-23 20:04:23
yes you get a B for effort and a F for too many italics. j/k you Fail twice.
beth - 2003-12-23 20:08:48
wtf?? now it's all italics..hmmmm
Bill - 2003-12-23 22:51:53
Christ, what have I done to your website? I am sorry...

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