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Laura - 2003-11-23 08:45:06
Geez, could you two be a little bit better-looking? I like the second pic!!
James - 2003-11-23 15:53:56
Wow Laura! You're such a jerk! I mean, I know they're ugly and all, but still!.. Oh wait, you were being sarcastic.. uhhmm.. so was I...
HiddenMaster - 2003-11-23 19:08:41
Beth....you are extremely attractive... I've always thought so. (And no, you don't know me).
Bill - 2003-11-23 23:25:08
You two are both attractive people... (Right about now is where my mom would say something like "You'll have very attractive children!" - but in an effort to not embarrass you, I will not do that.) It looks like you have a secret admirer! A kind of creepy secret admirer, but a secret admirer none the less! When I posted pics on a web site, people took up a collection to have me take them off!
Beth - 2003-11-24 01:15:53
Yeah..I have no idea who that is. It's probably my mom :)
HiddenMaster - 2003-11-24 09:33:09
Geez! I can't give a compliment without it being considered "creepy"? I only indicated that Beth doesn't know me so she would know it wasn't one of her friends, mom, etc. In other words....someone she doesn't know who happens to think she is very attractive. That makes me creepy or a stalker? Whatever.
Brian - 2003-11-24 13:05:59
It's the same reason you can't random hug people in the street any more. Not like the good ol' days, of hugging in the streets. Them huggin' years.
Bill - 2003-11-24 15:14:18
Brian, good point. Oh how I miss the days of random hugs. HiddenMaster, (if that is your real name) Sorry if I got your pants in a bunch with my 'creepy' comment... It's just when you combine your name with your comment, it sounds a little creepy to me. The comment was worded in a way that made it seem (to me) like you have admired her from a far (for example, from a parked car across the street from her house) for a while. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part.
Brian - 2003-11-24 16:14:48
I think all the HiddenMasterbaters on the internet have ruined it for the HiddenMasters. Yes, yes, I know that was a terrible "joke".
Brian - 2003-11-24 17:17:44
Let's back up, and get re-started on the right foot: Hi, how are you? What are you the master of, and why are you hidden? Is your favourite part of the Chipmunks' Christmas song the end, where they go crazy and apparently kill Dave for not letting them sing the song more?
beth - 2003-11-24 17:23:47
Anyone else notice there are a lot of 'B' people around here...anyway, I did some investigative work, and I still dont know who it is. I looked up the IP address, and it doesn't appear to be one of you goobers. ?? and the hidden master thing, I have no idea. I just think of dungeons and dragons, and I know several people who play that..hmmm
Bill - 2003-11-24 17:58:07
Brian is really funny.

I am not sure if Crouching Tiger, HiddenMaster (sorry) plays Dungeons and Dragons or not, but something tells me he does have a dungeon and plays out scenes from 'Silence of the Lambs' on a pretty regular basis. "PUT ON THE LOTION!"
Bill - 2003-11-24 18:20:24
Okay - now I am feeling guilty... Poor guy was just trying to be nice and give Bethie a compliment, and I have turned him into the psycho guy with the pit from 'Silence of the Lambs'. But then again, if he can't take a joke...
Bill - 2003-11-24 18:21:30
Damn me and my double clicking on "done!"
Brian - 2003-11-24 20:20:18
I think we're demonizing him due to all of us fearing our own Hidden Master. And that almost made sense.
Beth - 2003-11-24 20:28:32
and oh yeah, I did some more investigativie..the ip address says it is someone who uses Comcast IN VIRGINIA. So therefore it is either someone I DO know, or a stalker. Yay a stalker!! I've always wanted one too. Thanks santa!
Bill - 2003-11-24 23:17:35
I think at one time or another, all of us have a little HiddenMaster inside of us. Except for Beth - because she does not know him. Beth, be careful of guys that come up to you and ask questions like "Does this towel smell like chloroform to you?"

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