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Bill - 2003-10-08 01:18:55
I was going to write something about the recall in my diary tonight too! (If I were a teenage girl, this is about the time I would say "OH MY GOD, THAT IS SOOOO WEIRD!) I did not get the T-shirt e-mail, but am becoming increasingly pissed at the ridiculousness of the whole recall process. What about the recall merits this much national media attention? It's all Arnold. (Not Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes, but f'ing Schwarzenegger...) I think a wise person once said "Don't get me started, don't even get me started!"
Brian - 2003-10-08 08:56:31
Hey...you're right about Minnesota. Besides, I wasn't here, and I'm not allowed to vote, so it's not MY fault. I've been carrying this team too long. Well, isn't it great that a state can care enough about politics to kick out someone through recall, then not care enough to vote for someone who has no experience, no plan, but a great "wouldn't it be cool if..." factor. No, it wouldn't be cool. How California didn't have the same reaction ("that is so stupid. I would never vote for him") as the rest of the country is beyond me. I'm glad I'm Canadian...at least our politicians that you don't know are politicians...even if only one political party ever has a chance of winning within the next 20 years or so.
Beth - 2003-10-09 00:02:10
I'm sorry bill! Feel free to write about Arnold, I have a feeling there is going to be an ample amount of material with this whole thing... You're totally right Brian. And I was just kidding about Minnesota, actually. My uncle used to live here, he actually lives here now. (VA) So maybe you will move here too, b/c that seems to be the trend. I think the deal with Californians is that typically CA's are either 1) surfers 2) celebrities or 3)want to be celebrities. There are a few exceptions, and that would be your 49% right there.
Bill - 2003-10-09 01:20:21
Don't back off of the Minnesota comments now! I say to hell with Minnesota! To hell with California! To hell with them both! By the way, this is coming from a guy in Ohio - the state that almost had Jerry Springer run for Senate this year... Even more specifically, I live in Cincinnati - the city that once had Jerry Springer as mayor. Man, we're all screwed.
Chickie - 2003-10-09 01:55:30
But yeah you see, I am about to turn 25, I believe Brian is 25/26, how old are you? I don't think we are old enough to have actually voted for these people. So it's all good. I live in VA, so we don't really have any negative stuff, well aside from the sniper anyway...
Bill - 2003-10-09 02:35:13
You are right, I was not old enough to have voted for Jerry when he was mayor. Although strangely enough, I am 87 now. Okay, maybe not. I'm 33. It's a little depressing. I am the age that John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Jesus were when they died. (yeah, in my religion you can refer to all three of them in the same breath like that.)

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