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Gary - 2003-09-28 03:47:16
Cool pics! That Hulk pic is awesome! I can't help but wonder wonder where your other hand is in that Einstein pic though...quite curious... hmmm. Oh, and you definitely put J-Lo to shame. Woohoo! Well, you looked hotter than a wax replica of J-Lo, anyway, but you probably hear that all the time. "That Beth... definitely hotter than a wax replica of J-Lo."
Bethi - 2003-09-28 14:08:11
Yeah, well my hand was ...umm...yeah that's for only me and Einstein to know! Shame on you for prying into my sex life with a wax sculpture! Rooowwwlll. Dude J-Lo has a big ass. Mine is even bigger. THAT I hear all the time, yes. Thanks for reminding me...
Laura - 2003-09-30 20:18:59
Ahahahaha! I love wax museums - I should find some of my pics and post them for you. You're really pretty, by the way!
Tup - 2003-10-01 03:35:23
Hey girl.... yer pics cracked me up! You are a funny chickie..... Keep it up & God bless yeeeee!
Suburban Island - 2003-10-07 18:07:50
I was just at this wax museum this spring - it's a very cool place. I recognized J Lo because I was surprised how dainty she was - at least in wax.
Bethie - 2003-10-16 01:37:49
Yeah, it was so surprisnig to see how small these celebs are. I mean I guess it's because they seem so 'larger than life' and such. But Brad Pitt, I forgot to pinch his butt..next time I will hump him to make up for my mistake

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