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Lass - 2003-09-22 11:47:30
Try beautify.diaryland.com for templates...there's one other site but I can't remember the name of it - sorry
Kari - 2004-06-04 16:35:22
Ok...THANKS a lot. Now I have to go and rent Desperately Seeking Susan. [sigh] It has been at LEAST...15 years since I have viewed that movie. Oh, love the writing...I'm just crusing your archives. :-)
Ricky - 2005-02-01 14:16:16
Hey, me too Kari. Cruising the archives i mean. Oh your from like 7 months ago. So nevermind. - Oh, yeah .... Hey Beth ..... how's it going? .... do dee do dee do dee ..... uh, nice choice on the layout?......... ok, then ......

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