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Hmmmm - 2003-08-04 15:09:05
Very Interesting....
plm - 2003-08-04 20:22:22
Yeah, you are too old for Old Navy. Like your pics!
chickielegs - 2003-08-04 22:13:25
too old hey? that's the problem..too old for old navy, yet not old enough to be the spokesperson for ..old navy. figures.
dukkha - 2004-08-12 08:32:25
Hey! I'm going to be 34 in a month and have a wardrobe that's 93% Old Navy (from this year alone). I didn't know I was too old for my ultra low rise shortest shorts and my tiny fit tops, or my halters and tube tops. Nobody told me, not even the teenagers in my house. Please, please don't call the fashion police on me. (Does this mean I'm too old for Aeroposatle and any juniors department too?)

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